International Relations

The vision of International Relations department is to equip its graduates with a unique combination of attributes such as advanced problem solving abilities, conceptual and analytical skills, in-depth country and global knowledge, and well developed writing and language skills that enable them to pursue competitive careers and leadership roles in academic, business, policy and NGO environments within domestic and international settings.

The mission of International Relations department is to give students an understanding of the main political issues, institutions, ideas and actors that dominate the local, national and international agenda. The courses offered by the department explore the relationships between countries and regions, and the international system as a whole. The wide range of issues and topics covered includes international relations, globalisation, regionalism and political economy.

Job Opportunity:
The courses offered by the International Relations Department prepare students to enter the increasingly globalised labour market and to achieve positions in the diplomatic service, government ministries, EU institutions, local and international governmental and non-governmental organisations, media organisations, large corporations, think tanks and research centres.