Dean’s Message

The University of Kyrenia Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences was established in 2016 with the goal of making a difference in education by ensuring a more well-rounded education combining theory and practice via well designed up-to-date undergraduate programs, offered by our departments consisting of Department of Business Administration (English), Banking and Finance (English), Tourism and Hospitability Management (English), Computer Information Systems (English), International Relations (English), and Social Work (Turkish).

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences has a distinguished academic staff including professors, associate professors and assistant professors specialized in their fields.

“Our different department options are among our important privileges”
Our curricula have been updated in accordance with the changing requirements of the era and in the light of the curricula followed by world’s elite universities. Our curricula reflect our devotion to develop knowledge, interests and competencies of our students in a friendly, peaceful, democratic and participatory academic environment. The faculty has undertaken its fundamental objective to ensure quality education that matches or goes beyond the global standards and addresses the expectation of both domestic and foreign students from a vast of array of different countries from all over the world and provide all possibilities required for nurturing competent, socially and ethically sensitive individuals equipped with professional knowledge and skills. Through our outstanding high tech equipped facilities and highly competent academic staff and as well as with our distinguished students, we have steered the wheel towards becoming an internationally recognized and locally a leading center of education and research as far as matters of economics and administrative sciences.

Alongside the curricula and the individual effort of students and academic staff, the environment in which this education takes place is upmost of importance. University of Kyrenia Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences with its fully equipped infrastructure and splendid superstructure is a vibrant intellectual body that takes a prominent place in the university campus. The campus with its ergonomic and aesthetic architectural structure and landscaping spaces has positive impacts on students and increase their learning motivations.

“Students from different countries study together”
Besides, this multicultural body provides the students with the opportunity to mesh and experience different cultures, which might be a valuable and helpful experience for them in their future careers.

Our curricula include undergraduate programs that cover mandatory, common mandatory and elective courses. Practical courses make up a unity with theoretical courses and considered as complementary and continuation of theoretical courses. Within this context, curriculum of each program is well designed to balance theoretical and practical as well as mandatory and elective courses aiming at cultivating first caliber professionals capable to establish a cutting edge career over others. The first two years of undergraduate education consist of programs that cover common mandatory courses. During the first two years, students gain a well-established formation and comprehensive theoretical knowledge through these common mandatory courses. The knowledge acquired during the first two years forms the building blocks of a solid foundation and paves the way for students to specialize in their specialties by receiving core courses from the third year on. The hands on practical courses and a wide range of elective courses provide students with the opportunity to pursue their areas of interest. Since our faculty houses a broad range of departments, each student can find opportunity to enroll in an undergraduate program addressing his/her interest and make a well-rounded career through quality and distinguished education.

Quite contrary to conventional educational approach which considers the teacher as the only facet and focus of education, our faculty positioned itself to ensure a student centered education. To this end, our teaching staff is open and accessible to all students and truly committed to an effective teacher-student interaction and teaching, both in and out of the classroom. Our faculty with its dynamic, highly experienced and internationally renowned academic staff as well as with its up-to-date programs aims to ensure excellence in education and cultivate first caliber professionals equipped with comprehensive knowledge and competencies required to compete on a global scale and address the requirements of the national and international markets.

Dear candidate students, welcome to the University of Kyrenia Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. You are about to begin the most rewarding educational experience of your life at a world brand university. I hope you will always be proud of your university where you will receive high quality and distinguished education beyond world standards. I wish a joyful, happy and successful university life for you all.

Prof. Mehmet ALTINAY
Dean of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences