Banking and Finance

The vision of the Banking and Finance Department is to be a leading model in providing high class education and training in the areas of banking and finance at local and regional level.

The mission of the department is to educate and train high calibre, technology literate bankers and financiers who are capable to understand the methods of operations within financial markets and institutions.

The department strives to ensure that all graduates of our program meet the following goals:

  1. To understand the key concepts of financial institutions, to use this knowledge to solve problems and to explain financial events and the workings of banking institutions.
  2. To develop skills in using quantitative methods, to solve financial problems and analyse financial issues.
  3. To use effective communication skills both vocally and in writing.

The department emphasizes on the following objectives:

  1. To acquire knowledge of financial concepts and recent banking regulations as well as being capable to solve problems.
  2. To retrieve, interpret, and manipulate economic data within structured frameworks in order to conduct research projects that involve solving finance and banking related problems.
  3. To present the results of financial studies in writing and vocally.

Job Opportunity: The graduates of the Banking and Finance Department are able to work as a senior manager in financial institutions or as a finance director (CFO) in non-financial institutions.