Business Administration

The vision of the Department of Business Administration is to become an internationally recognized, high quality and selective program that produces well-rounded business managers and leaders.

The mission of the department is to encourage our students to acquire knowledge, management skills and values necessary to make high quality business decisions in the evolving world of business.

The department strives to ensure that all graduates of our program meet the following goals:

  1. To communicate effectively in business contexts.
  2. To diagnose and accurately evaluate business problems to provide effective managerial decisions.
  3. To demonstrate an advanced level of business acumen.

Job Opportunities: 
The graduates of this department have the opportunity to be recruited as an administrator or consultant by national and international companies. Also graduates could be employed as a midlevel, senior manager, marketing specialist, manager financial specialist, manager, human resources specialist or as a human resource manager recruited by the industry, trade and information organizations.